CallThru & ClientAccess integrate with the Debtmaster database for quick installation, seamless operation & rapid data access.

Debtmaster delivers complete debtor data including account information, stored documentation & recorded calls.

Debtmaster offers built-in reporting for collectors, while the ClientAccess web portal enables secure online client reporting.

Debtmaster with CallThru makes it easy to store recorded calls for compliance monitoring with government guidelines.

MJR Services

At MJR, we recognize that you’re seeking a partner that can immediately deliver strong performance and service excellence within a secure operating environment.  MJR is a compliance-driven organization.  It is our approach to compliance and validation that enables MJR to consistently perform at a higher level. 

MJR recognizes that you must effectively and efficiently recover your accounts receivables and maintain your customer base.  We also understand that consumers can immediately damage your brand with a negative review.  MJR aligns with your values and ensures that it has competent, fully trained professionals interacting with your customers at every stage of delinquency.  MJR has tailored its programs to drive best-in-class results and to protect your hard-earned brand.

MJR is PCI-DSS, SOC1 and SOC2 Certified.

Proprietary Debt Scoring for Faster Recovery!

Our in-house scoring program enables us to categorize consumers into risk categories, and applies specific recovery activities to each category.  It’s customized for every client so that we can drive maximum results for your portfolio!


We Offer:

3rd Party Collection Services

Our core business!  MJR provides collection services for all of Canada’s biggest banks, retail giants, utilities, insurance companies, colleges & universities, hospitals and more!  Our professional staff work with consumers to identify solution oriented options to quickly recover outstanding accounts at all assignment levels.    


We Offer:

  • Experienced management that takes the time to understand your key performance and service metrics, and implements innovative programs to drive those metrics.
  • Professional, competent recovery staff who align with your values and find workable options for your customers.
  • Responsive support staff that consistently deliver service excellence.
  • Integrated technological solutions that drive performance and real time reporting.
  • MJR is PCI-DSS, SOC1 and SOC2 Certified.


Early Out Recovery Programs

If you’re experiencing growing volumes of receivables, MJR has programs to collect pre-charge off accounts to help reduce your bad debt and churn.

Primary Assigns

Once accounts charge off, you need a professional team to quickly recover your largest volumes of overdue accounts.  Our unique programs focus on delivering best-in-class results immediately after assignment.

Secondary, Tertiary & Quad Assigns

After primary assigns, you need an experienced team to find payers from your inventory.

Legal Collect Program

You have some customers that have the ability to pay, but for whatever reason, don’t. They avoid all contact. What can you do?

Securitize your debt!

MJR consistently out-performs its competition in many of its Third Party Recovery programs.  Our most successful 3rd party programs are those in which MJR has integrated its legal collect program with our 3rd party recovery program.  MJR has a number of financial institutions for which this program provides best in class results.

MJR’s in house legal team consists of an in-house lawyer, licensed paralegal staff, experienced legal administration staff, dedicated legal collectors, and a national network of lawyers and paralegals.  Our program is fully compliant with all federal, provincial regulations, bank policies and regulations.  Our processes have been matured to ensure each account receives the right treatment at the right time, driving performance and securitizing your debt!

What's the best part?

Because MJR puts a high emphasis on collections throughout the entire process, we outperform traditional legal programs run by law firms.  Our legal collectors work with consumers to find solution-oriented options to resolve the debt.  Legal activities are used to advance the file when voluntary resolution does not occur.  Collection activities continue, even after Judgment is obtained.

The best part of this program is that MJR pays the costs up front!

1st Party Collection Services

Early Delinquency

MJR calls as your organization.  Our agents are fully trained in your processes and driving your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to maximize cure and collection rates, minimize roll rates.  The focus is to reduce delinquencies in the early stages before services or credit privileges are impacted.  We recognize that having a strong front end strategy is best for both you and your customers.  We offer a wide variety of programs including live agent calling, IVR, SMS and email campaigns, and automated messaging.

 Late Delinquency

In some provinces, MJR can continue to call as your organization, or we call as MJR.   When customers’ services or credit privileges are impacted, establishing immediate contact and working out a repayment plan is key.  We take the time to understand your performance drivers and ensure that we are meeting every measurement at every interval, every day.

Retention Programs

Some consumers experience hardship.  MJR’s trained agents work with consumers to find the repayment program that works best and guide the customer through the process.

High Risk Account Monitoring

  • First Payment Defaults
  • Credit Limit Adjustments
  • Fraud
  • Hardship
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